Saturday, October 3, 2009

Batik Strip Twist finished

Washed and dried this morning:
So here it is with crinkles.
And the hearts still show up.
National Parks show by Ken Burns on PBS this week
Dried cherries to put in my oatmeal
Grand Rapids Women's Chorus retreat today and tomorrow--lots of music!


Anonymous said...

I have seen this quilt pattern on several sights and am so anxious to try one myself. Your quilt outshines
all others by a country mile. Your choice of colors really make this quilt beautiful. Which just proves to me that in my opinion no matter which pattern you choose to make I believe color choice is the most important factor. Wonderful quilt.

Annie said...

Your quilt is beautiful - I have done this quilt pattern myself and seen others, but with the bright colors it makes it look great!!!! Nice job ......

Carol, Song of Joy said...

Your talent amazes me, Sara! What a beautiful quilt. Have a wonderful retreat.

Niki :-) said...

very nice. lots of work there girl. Beauty!

Sharon said...

Beautiful quilt! And I think your quilting is great too. Wonderful colors - it just glows.

kim said...

Thank you Sara for sharing your treasures on this blog. I appreciate your artistic flair in the quilting and the words you write. with appreciation, Kim