Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lake and Crazy #11

We are still having gray skies, but down the hill to the lake a Kousa dogwood has turned a bright color.

And meanwhile I have gone rather crazy with doll quilt #11. This is just four log cabin blocks that have the strips set so they form a Greek key or maybe a labyrinth. I chose VERY bright colors, and now I think that I should have put a wider border to contain the impression more. Too late, it's done! Hope there is a mod and crazy little girld somewhere who will love it.

Last night I went to a concert by Holly Near. Loved her informality and her social action music!
Today she had a workshop for our Women's Chorus (we sing something by her every year) and the women's chorus in Lansing. She talked about some of the things we need to "practice" for social change, such as being allies rather than antagonists. And she also listened to us sing, and then had us all sing some simple songs without music on a page. Says we need to have some songs like this ready for a possible opportunity. Good teaching and good fun!



Gaining a little energy around budgeting
Time with Lynne (DDIL) in the car to and froom Lansing
Conversation with Chorus members at lunch


Pedro Garcia Millan said...


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Hasta lueguito y cuidense amigos mios (L)(L)(L)

KQuiltyBee said...

Lucky you--I LOVE Holly Near. I listened to her in college all the time and thought she was so radical :) Plus I actually loved her music (I wasn't all rebellion back in the 80s). I'm having fun watching all your doll quilts emerge, too!