Friday, October 15, 2010

Amish Lib progress

Okay, Okay!  This is pretty lame with no photos, but I DID manage to quilt my version of feathers on both SIDE borders of the Amish Lib quilt.

For the first I drew it out on freezer paper, ironed the paper onto the border and sewed right through the paper.  Well, having tried it, I don't really recommend this method.  It took me a lot of time to remove the paper.

The second one I just took my old dress-making chalk and drew my feather right on the border fabric.  Went equally well on the sewing, which means I wasn't totally accurate on the re-sewn lines.  Some bobbles in there, but it is black thread on black fabric, so ....... both hard to see while sewing, and pretty hard to see after sewing [unless you peak at the back of the quilt].  After all, I'm not in the business of pleasing Quilt Judges.

Now the top and bottom borders, which have the pieced words in them.  How to quilt?  My decision is to "echo" once around the words, then quilt straight lines from side to side, jumping over/past the words.  Hope I can find my camera soon so I can show you what I mean.



- By pretending to be on a retreat, I am making progress on Amish Lib rather than dropping it on a pile of other unfinished projects.
- Handed Emerald Forest over to Lynne and Peter tonight after a nice restaurant dinner together celebrating their 15th anniversary.
- More library books from inter-library loan

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