Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BIQR Floor Quilt #1

At the Beaver Island Quilt Retreats Gwen Marston tells us to just drop our scraps on the floor.  Later we can all go around and pick up other quilters' scraps to make a small "floor quilt".

Donna, the quilter closest to me in the sewing room, was making baby quilts with bright fabrics.  She was learning to cut the blocks off center.  She cut off a lot.  And then she threw the large scraps right at my feet!  Most of these scraps were from her.

I also made a scrappy liberated star and several asterisks, using some of my own muslin for the background. With these "parts" I have made a placemat, 12" X 20".

As we were driving home from Elk Rapids,   I was trying to explain to Charlie why I can get so much work done on a quilting retreat -- much more than I do at home.

As we discussed this is realized that I could use each Tuesday as a Quilt-Retreat-At-Home-Day.  Tuesdays I try not to leave home by combining my errands on other days of the week.  And Tuesdays Charlie is gone for much of the day.  And Tuesdays Charlie cooks dinner.  Hmmm.  Why hadn't I put all that together before?

So last Tuesday I started a new Tuesday routine.  And I finished the Amish Lib. quilt.

Today I gave myself the task of finishing the borders for "A Difference of Opinion".

I bought the fabrics for the border up in Elk Rapids, but never got any further.  Today I finished the borders.  Now I have also completed the pieced backing, and this project is ready for the LA quilter.  I am going to have her use a different color of thread and/or special stitching to accent the widening separation of the column on the right from the other two columns.



Gardening help came and cut down the garden for the winter.
They forced me to make use of the last basil - 4 more pkgs of pesto.
Good pork chops cooked on the grill by Charlie.


cityquilter said...

sara, the orange quilt is gorgeous, wow, what a stunner! i have always avoided orange, but i can see how it really zings a quilt

Tonya Ricucci said...

ooh, great stuff! I love the quilt on the bed - great colors.