Sunday, October 10, 2010

BIQR return

Some how failed to pack my camera when I left for the week 5 Beaver Island Quilt Retreat.  AND as I was packing up to leave I fell down an odd step while carrying my sewing machine. Ooops!

I now have a scraped right elbow and knee, and a painful left wrist and thumb muscle pad in my palm.  Can't really do much with my left hand that requires pressure.

When I get a little better, I will get out the projects I worked on, and will show you  photos.  For now I will just say it was a lovely four days of sunshine and warm weather, lots  of congenial co-workers, and much accomplished.



Running out of a certain fabric is an "opportunity"
Gwen's motto for this year: "Don't commit too early", meaning just make the current decision, not all the long line of decisions
Great fall colors up north, and on the way home


Elaine Adair said...

I don't know which is worse - your injuries, or the fact that you have tempted us with "photos" but you cannot show them yet due to your injuries! LOL I've always wanted to 'do' that retreat.

Feel good soon - home nothing is seriously injured.

quiltingbonnie said...

Hope U feel better soon, Sara. U are a great inspiration.