Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Camera Lost!

Can't take pictures without a camera!

Where did I put that thing?  Couldn't find it for BIQR, and still can't find it.

Just finished the binding on Peter and Lynne's quilt Emerald Forest-- so it is ready to gift for their 15th anniversary.  We will see them for dinner on Friday.

Trying to figure out how I want to quilt the Amish Lib. quilt.  So far I have put cross-hatching all over the middle.  Seems like "Amish" should have feathers on the side borders.  Oh, my!  Am I up for that????



The dropped sewing machine is still working [but not the light]
No camera doesn't stop me from quilting
Have been able to thread the needle, even without the machine light!

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diplofam said...

Hi Sara!
Enjoyed reading through your blogs and catching up on your quilting life--congrats on your ribbons at the quilt show--I wan't able to come to town that weekend but my mom went and saw your quilts.
Thanks for your recent donations!