Thursday, October 28, 2010

BIQR Floor Quilt #2

Finished the quilting on this one by doing some free motion in the blank places [after outlining the stacks of coins].  Then I made binding that started with 1.5" width strips, which meant that rather a tight fold was needed to cover the first stitching [I do that first one from the back.].  Caught the label in one corner of the back of the binding.  Finished size is 18" x 16".

Now what on earth is that size good for?

Well, anyway I finished the last assignment that Gwen gave us.



An excellent cantaloupe for breakfast
Kept the knitting on the right needles today
Marti recovering from surgery


Kathie said...

well not my style of quilt but I just love this little quilt , has been fun reading about your project and retreat with gwen a dream of mine to attend someday

Finn said...

Those must be really small pieces Sara, the quilt looks bigger than 16 X 18! Great job on the free form quilting. Love the "ends and odds" of it! Great job getting it finished. Hugs, Finn

Kathy said...

that is just the size of a quilt to hang in a small space where one can enjoy its quirky nature. I have several small hangings that I put up in rotation at the end of my kitchen cupboard facing the stairs that lead to my sewing area I have yet to do my BIQR floor scrap patch. Literally, I only picked up enough for a patch.
Best wishes, Kathy (of the Maine cottages)

Vicky F said...

Hi Sara,
I love your quilting in the blank spaces. Really takes your eye around the quilt.

p.s. I also liked your quilts "in person" at the West Mich Quilters Guild show. My friend (who rarely reads her e-mails, let alone blogs) thought I was nuts being able to recognize your quilts from your blog.
Vicky F