Monday, October 18, 2010

Photos of "Amish Lib."

Here is the quilting that I have been working on.  First I decided to overlay the wonky triangles with an even cross-hatching.

Then I put uneven feathers in both of the side borders.

Next. on the bottom and top borders. I echo-ed the words and filled the background with straight lines, one inch apart and then 1/2 inch.

The last step, after conferring with Dianne, was to put "footballs" in the narrow pink inner borders.  These are wonky borders, so they had to be treated a little differently as I dealt with each one.

And here's the final result, 26" x 41".

Since the words had to be PIECED, I decided to make the year in Roman Numerals because they have straight lines.

This quilt was made to Tonya's Amish Challenge.  It was supposed to be finished by July 1, but I took it to BIQR and managed to finish the words and all the borders there.

Now it is quilted and bound, and hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  Hooray!



Report that Martha was in the hospital was a false alert.
Beautiful red maple color along our driveway.
Survived the exercise class after missing for two weeks