Wednesday, February 2, 2011

12" of Snow and Retreat

Sunday's view out the kitchen window.

Today's view out the kitchen window.  After the snow plow came.

Tomorrow I am driving 100 miles north to be on a quilting retreat for three and a half days.  What projects will I take to work on?

Trees from the Block Lotto exchange that I won.  I want to make a forest with a cabin or two in it.

Red and gray flannels for Devon's quilt need to be cut up and then re-assembled.

"Disappearing" four-patches need to be made and then cut apart and re-assembled to make a neonatal quilt.

"Lenten" banner/quilt to embellish with ?????

Is that enough?  Probably I'll also take some fabric "in case" I need something else.

I'll take my knitting also and work on the socks a little for a change of pace.

And some escapist novel.

And some chocolate.



Snow stopped and sun predicted for tomorrow's drive
Electricity stayed on
Favorite pizza for dinner
Charlie and Ray will do prep for the Super Bowl Party on Sunday


Julie Fukuda said...

Hmmm. I'm curious as to what you will do with the Lenten banner. Be sure to take that. I'm sure you will have a great retreat. Drive safely!

Carol, Song of Joy said...

Have a lovely retreat, Sara. Maybe at some point you can "just sit" for a little while. :) Take care.