Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two finishes and something new

 Just before the Bee meeting on Thursday I finished the binding on my third neonatal quilt for the March collection.
I made the back from four FQs with some strips to make the whole thing large enough.

Right now it is in the wash.

Catherine had also quilted the Green Strips quilt with wavy lines and an occasional square or circle. It is light weight and is the right size for a nap quilt.

And for the "something new" --  I was asked to run a "Block Lotto" for our SpoolSpinners Bee.  At least I am going to organize the first time through.   I chose the FIREWORKS block.

So I spend yesterday afternoon writing up instructions.  And of course I had to make several more blocks to photograph some variations.

That was fun!



Jean took me to the women's brunch at Grace Church
Turkey dinner in February--lots for left-overs!
Symphony concert last night


LuAnn said...

Love your scrap quilts. I love that fireworks block, too. All of those together would make a nice scrap quilt, too.

Finn said...

Great job on the quilts and the blocks Sara! Busy, as usual, good to see! Hugs, Finn

Clare said...

Gorgeous fireworks. Love the blue one with the red and white dots.

beth said...

Oooh! I love those fireworks!!***

Kathie said...

oh I love these firework blocks , will you share your instructions with us???? would be fun to make a quilt using scraps with these...I may just have to play with this idea today!
very fun, I have seen a variety of these in blog land but I love the shape fo the blue an red ones in the bottom row.