Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quilt Retreat, Friday

Jacque's instruction were to take a four-patch, made from 4.5" squares, and cut one inch away from each of the seam lines, move the pieces around until you get the block on the right.

So I made four-patches for green.  and I started cutting and sewing them.

The sixth or seventh on came out a little wonky because I tried to make all the cuts without moving the cutting board.

I thought this was MORE interesting than making them all the same.

So I began cutting them MORE unevenly.  And that's what I did until I had enough.

Here's the top I brought home.  It does have borders on all sides!

Now I just need to find a backing , layer it, and quilt it.



No eye injection needed this time
Women's Chorus sang at funeral home for a  long-time supporter
Salmon for dinner


beth said...

I love it! i just posted about this same block yesterday! Mine's a bit different dimension-wise, but I love your wonky style!

Julie Fukuda said...

In this case, wonky is great. (maybe even better)

Pokey said...

Hi, Sara! the block is fun and inspiring, I've been eyeing some of my scraps to try this out. I'm joining in as a follower, and I'll get to keep up with your creativity, too! Thanks for the share today.

kim said...

I love the green and white of this quilt. It might just be the wonky inspiration for the Spartans so they come out of the downward spiral of their basketball yuckiness. Your creative soul sure is an inspiration to me. Thanks for the photos.

Sharon said...

Oh, this is marvelous! Even my husband said he liked it when he saw the picture, and that's saying something! This is quite inspiring to me. I like the wonky!

jovaliquilts said...

I like this a lot! You're right, the wonkiness does make it more interesting.