Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Neonatal Checkerboard

The "leaders/enders" 4-patches I made when on retreat and later, finally added up to 100.  That seemed to be enough to make a neonatal top.

It is now together with a narrow inner boarder and a wider outer border.  I hope to get it layered, quilted and bound before our Bee meeting tomorrow night.

Meanwhile I am struggling along on the Leaves quilt top.  I had decided to change out the background fabric in a few of the blocks as I was making them, and then I found that it meant the leaf shape wasn't all there.  I am now required to replace some already sewn triangles, which not an energizing activity.  I keep telling myself that it doesn't take as long to do ONE as I was imagining.  Which is true.  Trouble is there are several more than ONE.



I've been appointed to the township Parks Committee
Another fun play reading at Actors' last night
Breakfast with friends


Julie Fukuda said...

Ah, yes, those pesky triangles that make up the adjoining leaf. That is why my attempt became a bag and not a quilt. The little blocks are adorable.

Pokey said...

your little 4patches sure are cute in this blanket. Nice finish!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Love it, Sara! The variety in the postage stamp/checkerboard/whatever we call it is so darling and such a time and age leaper! No matter what, everyone loves them and loves to receive them...and I sure do love yours!! And I love, love, love your d9p with the every increasing wonky cuts! Great to see the process even by looking at your quilt..what fun!