Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quilt Retreat, Sunday

Some years ago at a quilting retreat we all traded Fat Eighths of leaf patterned fabrics.  I soon decided that the thing to do with them was to make up Leaf blocks.  I analyzed this block and found that it was quite simple if I did it with a consistent background fabric for the alternate leaves.

I found a lovely tan leaf print and set to work.  And then I quit.  Who knows why?  I became just another UFO in a ziplock bag.

As I was packing for this retreat, I realized that the Lenten banner/quilt would need to be QUILTED before I could add embellishments.  So grabbed this Leaf Project to take its place.

On Sunday I put more of them together.  I now have fifteen blocks, and have used each of the fabrics at least once.

 Here is a first attempt at laying them out on the living room floor.  I will move them around some more and consider whether this is enough or whether I need a few more.  And I may have to replace a few of those triangles.

Throughout the last two retreats I have been joining 2" light and dark squares  as "leader/enders".  I currently have about 85 four-patches put together from these.  When I get to 100 I will be able to make a neonatal quilt from them.



Breakfast with my friends
"Disappearing Four Patch" picked up by other bloggers
Zeke making "dog angels" in the snow

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Julie Fukuda said...

What! There's MORE? Did you ever stop to eat or sleep?
I once made that leaf pattern but after I started I decided to make it into a bag. Maybe it is easier with a machine but I found you have to arrange everything first because each block includes adjoining leaves. I much prefer doing the arrangement after the bloccks are complete.