Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Neonatal #3 Red, White, & Blue

Red Arrows, 37" x 37"
2.6 yards of fabric

I finished this one with blue gingham for backing and binding.  That seems to soften the brightness a little. I hope some baby boy will grow up to drag it around behind him through toddlerhood.

Our Guild meets tonight, so I will be delivering this with two others I finished this month.  Also my Secret Sister of last year used the FQs I provided to make three neonatal quilts and gave them to me at our holiday party, so the Butterworth Neonatal Unit gets SIX quilts added to their store tonight. [They care for about 1,000 babies a year.]

Zero degrees this morning!  Really makes for crunchy footsteps, and a dog biting his feet.



"Footcare" trimmed my toenails
Bean and ham soup from Liz for six meals
Some sun with the bitter cold


NorahS said...

Love the way this quilt turned out. Perfect for a little boy!

beebee said...

so cute. How big is this quilt?
some sweet baby will love it!

beebee said...

duh, sorry, I did not see the measurements under the picture....sorry

stitchinpenny said...

Love the quilt. You did a great job splitting the blocks into 2 fantastic neonatal quilts. The size is just perfect.

sophie said...

I think it's brilliant that you thought about de-constructing the original design and splitting the blocks up. That quilt is lovely ... and I have no doubt that some little boy will cuddle with it and drag it around for years.

Kathy S. said...

Great quilt for a little boy. I also love the way you quilted it, Sara. It looks so soft.