Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No patience

I couldn't stand looking at these blocks with two blank spaces from across the room. [See former post.]

I KNOW I threw away all the extra circle pieces months ago, so I decided to try adding a couple of squares.  The circles are all  in HALF pieces, so I made the square as half pieces also, not quartered.  I don't think many observers will notice.

I'm now trying out the yellow on the right for a possible border.  This is all darker than the photo looks, and it will be a neonatal quilt, so the yellow is intended to brighten it up a bit.

I have two of my four goals for January completed, and that means the two that are left are not my favorites.  During my start on the "reorganization of one bookcase", these blocks appeared causing a cessation of reorganization and an immediate tangent.  Now I HAVE to work on getting them off the Design Wall before next Monday, right?

Meanwhile Handiman Dan finished his work today, so we now have:
 working lights in three places,
 a better shower hose,
a working doorknob on the sewing room [keeps    visiting dogs out of my pristine work area],
a bathroom cabinet door that will stay closed,
a functioning thermostat and
a new storm door in the basement.
All good.  And a good contact for future needs.



My massage therapist
The Public Library
Cough drops

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beth said...

I love this quilt. The squares in there are SO wonderful and the yellow border will be a perfect setting!