Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

Here I was several years ago getting instructed on handling my new car.  No new car on this January 1, but a new year that I need to "handle", or at least get a handle on!  I have been cogitating on this subject, and here are the results.

Quilting GOALS (not resolutions):

1] Finish/dispose of/repurpose HALF of the UFOs in the cupboard.  How many are there?  I asked, and I currently have seen 28.  So half will mean slightly more than one a month through the year.

2] Finish THREE of these UFOs into neonatal quilts by the March Guild meeting when they are collected.  Continue with more through the year.

3] Finish at least THREE quilts for Margaret's Hope Chest.

4] Secret Sister gift must be made of her 6 FQs by the December bee meeting.

5] Make the Christmas duvet cover into an actual quilt by next Christmas.

6] Do something FUN!

Now I can see that #2 and #3 can be done with the UFOs in #1, and I might even find that some of those are FUN.

Judy Laquidara asked us to list FOUR things that we are planning to accomplish in the month of January.  Good way to get started on the long list for the whole year.  So here are my four for January:

1) Finish Striped Triangles neonatal quilt/ UFO.
2) Quilt and bind one more neonatal UFO
3) Finish QAYG and bind Carolina Crossroads
4) Reorganize ONE bookcase of fabric

Now I need to print this off and put it somewhere I will see it every day!



Only two meals today
Jumbo shrimp
Playing "Follow the Star" [family Christmas game]

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Cathy said...

Whoa...lots of work, but I hope you find enjoyment in them!