Friday, January 11, 2013

On the Needles this Friday

I have started the next pair of socks from leftover yarn.  The toes are different from each other, then a stripe of white, and now on to two remnants of the same green yarn.  The green might get me through the sock heels.  Then on to another yarn. [I have lots of choices!]



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sophie said...

We make scrappy quilts, why not scrappy socks? Yours are wonderful!

Brenda said...

these are fun. I have a pair of socks in that blue/gren/red/grey stripe. I knit the first one according to the label directions, and then my mom knit the second one. do you get deals on sock yarn? Over the holidays, I bought a six-pack of Kroy sock yarn for $15 at Michaels. I'm going to knit scarves and prayer shawls out of it.