Friday, February 22, 2013

Binding Failure

I hope you can see in this photo that I have failed to catch the edge of the binding with the machine stitching.  Sometimes Yes, sometimes No.
I sew the binding to the back side of the quilt and then fold it over to the front.  Because of my failing eyesight I decided to use a WIDE stitch, blanket stitch, to catch the fold down on the front.  I hold my left index finger to the left of my pressure foot, and let my right forefinger run lightly along on the fold of the binding.  I THINK I am being careful and judging the space between the two.  I only sew about two inches before I reset everything,  but this was the result.At least three misses on each side of a small quilt.

Another proof that my eyes are getting worse.  Luckily last night was our SpoolSpinners Bee meeting.  I took this quilt and two others that need the binding applied and explained my difficulty to mu friends there.  Immediately volunteers offered to get the work done before our March Guild meeting when the baby quilts will be collected.  Quilters are the best!

Now I need to figure out how/what I can continue to do in the sewing room.  I have one last border to add and quillt on Jose's quilt.  I WAS going to make granddaughter Sami a graduation quilt this year.  And of course I have a large stash of fabrics and UFOs.


Today I will try some one thing and see how it goes.  I'll have to adjust my techniques.



Apple Store employees taught  me how to enlarge things on my computer screen
Liz brought over corn chowder
Survived first night of three without Charlie's help

P.S. Forgive the typos please.  Fon't think I caught them all.


stitchinpenny said...

No need to worry about typos - you are continuing to do things you enjoy in spite of difficulties. I can work a little harder to read around typos.

cityquilter grace said...

sara, i gave up on machine binding a long time ago, had nothing to do with my eyes at all. it just never came out neat, so i gave up and do them all by hand now and i'm a happier quilter...

Carol Ingells said...

Sara, I am touched by your honesty and courage. And I am sad about the diminishment of your vision. I pray for you and Charlie as you move through this difficult and challenging adjustment. May you have a keen inner vision of God Presence, in you and around you every moment.