Friday, February 8, 2013

On the Needles

Still working on the "Leftover Yarn Socks" for Martha. [I showed them to her in St. Louis and she approved the look!]  I'm working on the heel of the upper sock in the photo, and the lower sock is just hangin' around for the duration.  Then I'll need to do that one's heel.  This is the slowest part of the process.

I'm trying to finish another neonatal quilt today, and then I'll work on Carolina Crossroads.

Son Peter and his wife Lynne have gotten a name, Jose,  and a few details about a teen refugee boy from Honduras as a foster son.  He may arrive in two weeks, so I want to get Carolina Crossroads finished for him.  We are all trying to review what little Spanish we have ever learned!



Peter & Lynne's generous hearts
Sunshine on the new snow
Vet has another option for Zeke's vacation


Maggie said...

Loving the leftover yarn socks! That would be so nice to welcome the foster child to his new home with a nice quilt just for him!

sophie said...

I LOVE the socks, too! A while ago, I saw some commercially made mis-matched striped socks for sale. You're not only using up leftover yarn, you're on trend :-)

Anonymous said...

Great idea for using up all those odds and ends of yarn!

Stella Nemeth said...

I like your gratitude list. And the leftover yarn socks are a great idea.