Thursday, February 14, 2013

Borders for Jose's quilt & Bad eyes

I am indeed working on the Carolina Crossroads quilt that is one of my February goals.  I have added one of the side borders, and am almost done with the second.  Since the center was already quilted, I am using the Quilt-Aa-You-Go method  for adding the borders.  With the quilt I found quite a number of mini-blocks which are being used in the borders.

This quilt is now intended for the refugee foster son coming to Peter and Lynee later this month, we hope. Peter says the second bedroom at their place is the coldest room in the house, so another quilt will be a help in keeping a boy from Honduras warm here in the North.

Yesterday I bought a cheap men's watch so I could read the time, and then had my every-four-weeks trip to the eye doctor for wet macular degeneration treatment.  I have been feeling a greater loss of vision in the last two weeks, and sure enough the docotr says I am not really benefiting from the injections any more.  So we are trying a different substance which he normally does not prefer but wants to give it a try in this case.  We'll see if this is more successful in another four weeks.

Meanwhile I am having trouble stitching in the ditch when the two fabrics are of similar tone, can't thread the machine, the letters on the computer keyboard are hard to distinguish [I really should have learned how to type without looking!], and I am on the second largest font size on my Kindle--reading with difficulty.  I am wondering what I will do with my time when I can't sew and can't read.  This condition does not improve, they only hope to hold it from getting worse.

I don't often think about my age, which is 70.  I have been unusually healthy up to last two years when arthritis began stopping some activities.  I have had a slow recovery from  my knee replacement for the past year.    Now I need to imagine blindness coming sooner rsather than later or never.  Hmm.  Time to count my blessings again.



Can still sing with the GRWC and in the shower
Classical music on Blue Lake radio
Crispy waffles with maple syrop
Feel of hot water in the shower
Smell of onions frying


beebee said...

your quilt is beautiful
i am so sorry to hear about your eye issues. I will add you to our prayer list at church if it is ok with you. We have had some wonderful recovery stories since we started our prayer line a couple of years ago.
hugs to you from louisiana

lindaroo said...

I so appreciate your generosity in sharing your creativity, your artistry, and your gratitudes. How wonderful that your colorful and lively Carolina Crossroads will welcome Jose from Honduras!
I'm sorry to hear about your vision troubles. I'm adding my prayers to the mix!