Friday, February 8, 2013

Bright Bargello

Bright Bargello Neonatal
39" x 39"

Finished off this neonatal that I worked on while on retreat.  I found I already had a piece of flannel with numerals in the same bright colors for the backing.

I quilted on the diagonal accenting the zig-zag in the pattern.  When I was sewing down the second side of binding on the right side, my eyesight was giving me trouble.  Trying to sew right along the edge of the fold with the straight stitch, I kept missing.  After I checked the first edge, I decided I needed to start over and use the blanket stitch, which is wide enough to catch the fold even if my steering is less than accurate.

This started as a Multiple Trips Around the World, but the size of the blocks were going to make it too large for the new neonatal guidelines.  Therefore I stopped with nine blocks, which meant a change to a bargello setting.

This is my sixth quilt for the collection in March at our Guild.


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beebee said...

love the bright colors. Such a sweet thing for you to do these quilts!