Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Colored Bricks & January Stash Report

Colored Bricks Neonatal #5
31" x 41"

Today I put my sewing area back together after the retreat.  Then I made the binding for this quilt and applied it.  So, another finish for this year, and some more fabric removed from the stash.  The two neonatals this weeks used up 3.7 yards of fabric.

Weekly stash report                  February 5, 2013

FABRIC USAGE:                 OUT                        IN  

This Week:                     -3.7 yards               +  0.0

Through last Week:        -8.4 yards                +10.5

Year to Date:                 -11.1 yards             +10.5

Net Yards for 2013:                           - 0.6 yards

Hurray! I've used more than I've bought this year!  It's not much but it's moving in the right direction.



Ready to do more sewing
Warm feet
Charlie still cooking dinners

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cityquilter grace said...

good progress sara! nice bookcase for storing your fabric; i could use one of those big time! and all your little quilts AND carolina crossroads are soo nice, i so love scrappy! have a good day