Monday, February 4, 2013

Monthly Goals

I had four goals for January and I finished two.  Two are moving forward to February.
1] Organizing ONE bookcase of fabric.  I did about half of this bookcase.  So one goal for February is to get the other half taken care of.  Sometimes I tell myself I also ought to cut all the funny sized pieces into useable sized pieces, but I don't want to add that burden!  Just get them folded neatly and into reasonable order.

2] Carolina Crossroads:  I made progress but I didn't get borders and binding done.  So that is my second February goal.

3] More neonatal finishes.  The collection at our Guild is in March when I will be gone to Florida, so I need to do as many finishes as possible in February.  I have four tops already made.  Therefore my goal is to finish one each week in February.

4] Make a plan for Sami's graduation quilt which is due in May.  Known facts: must be purple, must include zebra striped fabric, already purchased.

There, I have goals set.  Hope I have some mojo left after retreat to keep working at a good pace.



beebee said...

I admire the fact that you posted your goals. I need to do that, then maybe it would me follow through with them.
I will have to think on that for a while.....
I look forward to seeing that graduation quilt.

Karen H said...

Your Carolina Crossroads quilt is beautiful!

I'm sure you will complete your goals this month.