Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bonnie Hunter's Mystery

I mentioned that Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville ( ) has made her latest quilt into an as-she-goes mystery for her followers (of whom there are MANY). In two days she had over 600 quilters sign up to be in the group. She working on the second step while telling us about the first step!

"Carolina Crossroads" is the title.

Bonnie's first step was the creation of 100 Rail Fence blocks from 1.5" strips, two dark fabric rails and an accent color in the middle. These make 3.5" blocks. She wants us to make them from our stash of already purchased fabric. So that is the task we are all working on now.

I finished last night and here are the ten stacks of ten blocks I put together from dark plaids with a yellow/gold homespun check in the middle.

Now I can go back to working on the December present for my Bee Secret Sister. It's red and white so far. Need to decide about the inner and outer borders....will green make it too one seasonal? Maybe keep it red and white so it can be used all the way through February.



Vicki said...

Sara, I'm writing to you through your blog rather than the quiltville list. When I click on the reply to the author it pops up the quiltville list, not the individual member. Can this be changed somewhere se we don't get to see all of the emails coming through? I thought perhaps it was something that could be changed at the moderator level. I really think that some of the emails have unintentionally been sent to the whole list. Your thoughts?? Vicki in Yeppoon, Australia

Helen in the UK said...

What a great idea to use the yellow check as your accent colour. It is going to be fun to follow the mystery and see how it works up in all the different colour choices :)