Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

The shepherds have no idea how their lives are going to be disturbed by an angelic visitation. You can see that we have several varieties of sheep to keep located and healthy. At least three of them are European imports, and one is made out of a real wool fuzz ball. Luckily the sheep dog can help gather them together on the commode behind the loveseat.

Tonight the child will arrive at the stable (after church), and I hope to remember to fly the angel over to the shepherds before we leave for St. Louis in the morning. Then they'll have to get along on their own until we return on Jan. 4. It will be a quick trip for the Magi at that point to get to the stable by Epiphany. Maybe we should start them in the morning as well!




Getting bladder infection diagnosed before we left town

No upsets iin the travel plans

DS and DDIL with us in church


Kucki68 said...

Love your figures, are they Osterheimer? Lovely.

Penny said...

I have enjoyed your figures' jouney - I hope you'll post the final arrival