Tuesday, December 4, 2007

GRWC Winter Concert

We, the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus, had our Winter concert last Saturday. I was pretty nervous about not yet knowing some of the music, like 3 out of 8 songs. We had commissioned a new piece this year and the composer came from Lansing to direct us. The title is "Salmon Run" and much of the music is an imitation of the sounds and feel of the river water as the salmon fights upstream to spawn and die. Since the water keeps doing much the same thing, it was hard to keep track of where we were in the repetitions! However, I don't think the audience was aware of our difficulties.

After the 45 minute performance we have a reception and Auction to raise money for our music (and pay our accompanist). I had donated a double bed sized quilt. Two previous years I had donated smaller quilts and they had each sold for $250. This bargello pattern got a lot of compliments from the crowd, and sold for $450! Hurray for the Chorus' music fund!

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