Saturday, December 8, 2007

Carolina Crossroads mystery Step 2

I now have all the three piece strips for Step #2 sewn together. This has taken a good deal of the last two days. Nine-patches take longer than Rail Fences! I found it necessary to cut more strips, and Bonnie's fabric estimates made me realize that I did not have enough of the yellow accent fabric. So I found another yellow and will begin using that as well as the original. Maybe I'll even need to add a third eventually!.

So here is what my sewing machine looks like at 5:30 pm on Saturday. Baskets of 99 strips each for the rest of the 9-patches, and one lonely completed block, just so I can see what the result will be. I may have time to sew a few more of these together tonight, but I really think the work will be done on Sunday afternoon.


quiet day with no interruptions for sewing
crunchy potato chips
e-mail from my daughter

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