Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Zeke tries to eat sprinkler water

Amazingly, to me, I have already received a request about my blog! Lori wants to see my dog. He is really Charlie's dog more than mine, though we all live in the same house. And Zeke's cage is in my sewing room.

Here he was in the summer . After an initial attack each time the sprinkler starts, he settles down to try to get a drink out of it. This results in a VERY wet dog.

Zeke's back comes up to about my knee, so he is a mid-sized dog. We got him at the Humane Society, where they claimed he was a cocker spaniel. Doesn't look like one to us. He is very protective of our house and yard, not pleasant for visitors.

Lori, you will have to wait for a picture of the lake. Somehow I can't get Blogger to put more than one photo in each post.

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