Friday, December 21, 2007

Stable ready for visitors

A quiet day in Lake Wobegon.
I went to the pool and participated in the Swimercize class for 50 minutes.
I sat at the computer and read e-mails and blogs. Finished squaring-up the mystery blocks from Step 2.
Peter and Lynne came over for dinner, bringing three Chinese take-out boxes, and some gifts for us to take to St. Louis. Lynne picked a "sheep with a curly horn" for the shepherds' flock and Peter picked the goose for near the stable. [Note: two mice.] Then he took his baby quilt away with him.
The battery on the pedometer gave out, so I lost the count of steps for today.

Safe travel to all who are starting their trips today!


helpers at the bank and the tailor's
clean house
conversation with adult "kids"

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