Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Here's a glimpse of the Easter liturgy this AM at Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Kentwood, MI.

We rang bells at every "Alleluia", and sang lots of familiar Easter hymns.

My contribution was making cascarones for the congregation and putting them in coat pockets during the sermon. I made many fewer than in normal years becasue of having this virus for the last two weeks. So I found that I had to go back a take the second egg away from some coats so that I would have at least one for each of the remaining. This is a Mexican custom I learned ini California years ago. A blown out eggshell is filled with confetti and a piece of tissue paper glued over the opening. People crack them over one another's heads while saying "Alleluia! Christ is risen!" I always tell people to do this OUTSIDE the church (after demonstrating with Charlie during announcements inside the church). However, a lot of kids can't wait!

I missed the Easter Vigil on Satruday night because of a commitment to the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus.



Jeanne said...

Sara, I've never heard of cascarones until now. I learn something new almost everyday since having my blog. Thanks for expanding my knowledge.

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing your Easter pictures! The mexican custom sounds very intriging. What a surprise to find an egg in your pocket!