Saturday, March 1, 2008

Choral Workshop

Leaving home at 6:35 AM Lynne and I, as part of the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus, drove to Ann Arbor. We heard 7 other women's choruses sing two songs each. We heard the professional music director compliment and then tell each group what to improve on each song. She wanted a lot of them to stand further apart. She wanted better diction and vowels. She wanted notes held longer and stronger.
We broke for lunch. DDIL Lynne and I went to a famous Ann Arbor delicatessan.We came back to Hill Auditorium and listened to 4 more choruses, as above.

We went backstage and warmed-up. We got silly. We went on stage. We sang our two songs, one in Italian with piano, and one in Mohawk with drums. She said we were great, that we had the desirable low timbre that comes with maturity. She asked how long we had had our vests/dresses. She said we should stand further apart. She said we should start with a more firm attack at the beginning of each piece.

We drove home arriving at 6:15 PM.

The misrepresentation in the above is that we weren't all there (Photo lies.) In fact there were only THREE altos to 5 basses, 8 sopranos, and 9 tenors (my section). But we did (mostly) hit the right notes at the right time.


Exercise: Four 5 minute walks to and from the car.


Lynne's company


Good work and humor in the GRWC

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