Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Winter Aconite

A sunny day! The snow is fading away, and the first flowers of early, early spring are blooming. They are called Eranthus or winter aconite, I think. The blossums are about one inch across. They come before the early yellow crocus.

I also have some Snowdrops blooming. No picture because they always show up in a very ratty pile of dead leaves, matted grass and snow melt. I planted them right next to the sidewalk so that we would be able to see them easily--but they need some green to show them off. Hmm, maybe move them, or plant some more in a better place. Where is that?

I am eager to walk out into the meadow to see what is going on there. However, it is so wet and muddy, I know I would get boots weighed down and further make big holes in the pathways. It's hard to wait!

Saturday I am going to Richmond, VA for five nights to visit a friend, and I am anticipating much more spring greenery and flowers there. Don't fail me Sue!


Jo came to breakfast before going to hospital to be with Bob
Sun and eranthus

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Sandy said...

Last year, I took my mother to Meijers garden near your city of Grand Rapids. It was just wonderful seeing all the lovely flowers and the sculpture garden. We had a great day out there and will remember it always.