Friday, March 21, 2008

Star points

I have made a few more pieces for the SpoolSpinners' gift to Beth. We'll see next Thursday if we are going to assemble this or just give her all the pieces.

As you can see on the right side of the photo, I double stitched the corner pieces and cut between the stitching lines. This is creating "extra" HSTs. You can see a pile of them in the middle. This gives me 56 "free" HSTs that will be 2" square, but it does mean a LOT of squaring-up! Something I can do during the NCAA basketball games with half an eye. Don't have a plan for these right now.

Looks like about 3-4" of snow haas fallen this afternoon--so I'm taking my tiredness to bed for a nap. Can't seem to shake this flu virus or whatever it is. I missed church last night and at noon today.


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Barb said...

Neat blog, I hope you don't mind that I stopped by. Don't you love it when you can make the leftovers work for something else -- like your 2" HSTs? I try to make use of those kinds of spare minutes too, who needs both eyes on the game :>)!