Friday, March 7, 2008

More circles- coffee can size

I am adding more circles to my "Ring" blocks. As I looked at what I had finished, I decided that

If I could find the right sized circle, I wanted to add one that went approximately through the Accent fabrics that made the Ring. I grabbed a two pound coffee can from the kitchen, and it worked just the way I wanted it to!

This photo shows one of these larger circles iin the lower right, and also all my "special" tools: The pill bottle, the coffee can, and the "Chako Ace Fine Marker-Blue" pen. So far this pen does just what it should for me. . . .makes a clear line, and when I spray it with cold water, it disappears.

So now as I quilt those additional large circles, I am conjuring with ideas for more quilting on the Star block. Maybe a square just OUTSIDE the light triangles making a square-within-a-square? Whatever, it needs to be "similar" to the large circle in the other block!


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Kirs said...

I really like the effect the larger circle is making and agree that the star blocks need a similar larger square treatment. I can't wait to see the fininshed quilt.