Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guild neo-natal collection

Our West Michigan Quilt Guild met tonight. One of the big events was the collection of quilts for the Neo-natal babies at our regional hospital. There were 367 turned in! We had a parade of them going around the church sanctuary where we meet, but since I was carrying mine, I didn't get a photo.

Here is one of the two I contributed. I showed the top before, but I just finished quilting it on my Pfaff this afternoon in time to get it washed and dried before the meeting.

Here's a closeup so you can see the "pebbles" in the inner border. This is the second time I've used this pattern in home quilting, and I like it a lot--both the look it gives, and the fact that you really can't do it WRONG. Just keep going around, in almost the same place, two or three times.

I trhought Iwas going to do something "fancy" in the plain squares, but not enough time, and it is soooo easy to do those diagonal lines.

In the border I just followed the plaid for some channels.



Everyone I called was glad to pray for Bob at time of death

Finished this neo-natal quilt

Ate "mindfully" today


Helen in the UK said...

What a cute quilt! HUGE CONGRATS to your guild for making over 300 quilts for the neo-natal unit!! Are you a very large guild or just very prolific quilters?!?! Great job :)

Sandy said...

These colors you used are so vibrant, perfect for a baby quilt.
Love, love, love it!