Thursday, November 20, 2008


Seventh doll quilt, completed last night. This too was an orphan block from a larger quilt. I added two simple borders and then pulled out an old quilting stencil to mark the border design. By luck it was almost an exact FIT!

I have been using these little quilts as another exercise in quilting on my Pfaff at home. It seems like nonsense to take them out to a long-arm quilter.

Mary aasked about the dolls I found. I was primarily looking for "ethnic" babydolls. The center doll with the bottle was bought by a friend for $18. It is soft bodied, but has a rubbery head and hands. The two on the left were $8 at Toys R Us, and their hands are soft. The "twins" in the back were $10, and their hands have velcro so they can hug each other.

At that point I bethought myself that there are older girls who need dolls also, so the last two are meant for them. In the box is a Disney "Einstein" doll ($10) and the totally soft "Groovy Girl" with no box was $11.



BrendaS said...

They're all great. I love making doll clothes and blankets, but I've never done doll quilts. When my nieces were young (I have sons) I made many Groovy Girls outfits, and even a sleeping bag or two. It looks like you're having fun and helping many children have a special

Nanci said...

Love your little doll quilts. I love the green. I used to have so many dolls and clothing when the grandkids were young. I miss that part now. One day a young man came to clean the house and looked at all the dolls piled up and he said, that his daughter would just love to have so many dolls. Yep he got everything...he sent us a lovelly note that Christmas that his wife had cleaned, ironed and wrapped up those dolls and it made their Christmas.

Mary said...

Thanks so much for posting photos of your dolls. I've looked at Target (because I can walk there) but I'm going to have to find a Toys R Us and go look. I just have 3 doll quilts but I'd like to make more.

Carol, Song of Joy said...

I enjoy reading your blog, Sara, even though I know almost nothing about quilting. But I do know you and I admire your creativity and generosity. The quilts are darling.
Thanks for all the good photos, too.

Sharon said...

I love all your doll quilts! There's going to be some happy little girls this Christmas. What a treat for them and for us to see. Thanks!

Tracy said...

I love all the doll quilts! They are beautiful!

The dolls you chose are adorable too. The K-Mart by my house has an adorable selection or diverse dolls. Sometimes they can be hard to find.

scraphappy said...

Your doll quilts are just so much fun! What a great way to deal with orphans and avoid UFOs. How many are you planning to make?

Gypsy Quilter said...

Now that's a cheerful and bright little quilt!