Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pink doll quilt

Yesterday I was having company for dinner, AND I was inspired to see if I could make a doll quilt in a day. Thursday I had gotten my baby doll for the Santa Claus Girls collection, and my "Mod" doll quilt didn't seem quite right for her. (No problem because the Guild needs extra quilts for the extra dolls that are turned in.)

After setting the bread dough to rise, I picked four fabrics out of my Pink container, cut 2.5" strips, and started sewing a doll-sized "Streak of Sunshine".

When I was cutting across the strips, also 2.5" wide, I ended up with a couple of odd sized end strips...2", and 1 3/4 " and 1 1/4". I decided that I would fling them into the middle of the regular 12 strips for "interest", and I also sewed them together going "down" instead of "up", making a little wave in the middle of the regularity. A baby bargello! Then I made the Apple Crisp.
Of course I forgot about this when I was planning the quilting in the afternoon! In a hurry to get this moved along, I decided to just quilt on the diagonal to make an X in each square. I soon ran into a complexity when I arrived at a set of those smaller RECTANGLES in the middle of the quilt. Two seconds of thought, and I just soldiered on, going from one corner to the next corner of those rectangles, just like I was doing for the squares. The result is a "bend" in the quilting, much like the effect of the Storm At Sea piecing of squares and rectangles. I think I like it.
However it may be a bit subtle for the doll owner to recognize!
I made the chicken casserole and then managed to make the binding before the company arrived, and later I sewed the binding on after they left. Threw it in with the regular weekly laundry this AM. So it is ready to donate and I really finished it in one day.
I feel good about taking a break from the UFOs I have been working on, but not taking on a new LARGE project.
Thanks to Finn's shout-out in her blog I have been getting a few new visitors here. Thanks for your comments!
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Cher said...

sweet doll quilt and lovely doll. congrats on your ufo finish too

Gypsy Quilter said...

How inspiring, finishing in one day. Good for you!

Quirky said...

That is a real cutie!

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Your doll quilt is very pretty :)