Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

A sunny, warm day to drive to the polling place. No traffic on MY driveway!

I parked in the church lot at 12:21, and was back to the car, all done at 12:36. It was quiet, spacious, and very business-like inside. Not a lawyer to be seen anywhere.

One woman was filling out her card with me, and there were about seven people working on their ballots, with five more empty places to sit or stand and vote. My ballot was #720, but I have no idea how many regtistered voters there are in my precinct.

Coming back home, there was still no traffic on my driveway, but this time I noticed the pattern of fallen leaves under the red maple.

The temperature is 67 degrees, amazing for November in Michigan, so I walked around the garden taking photos.
Autumn Joy sedum
Beverly Crabapple
American Cranberry Viburnum.
And through my head I kept hearing a song we have learned in Womens' Chorus:
I am open, and I am willing,
for to be hopeless would seem so strange,
It dishonors those who go before us,
So lift me up to the light of change!


Deb said...

Hi Sara,
I'm interested to see the Cranberry's growing. I don't think we grow them here in New Zealand, they only come in jelly and occasionally you can get them frozen! do you pick yours for cooking?

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love your scrap trinagle quilt...and the little doll quilt is lovely also. I do love fall.