Monday, February 16, 2009

Cutting scraps, cutting scraps

I've CUT scraps off and on for two days. Now I have worked down to the BIG box of scraps. Guess I'll iron for 5 minutes and then cut to see how long it takes to finish cutting the scraps that take 5 minutes of ironing!
I am also working my way through the box of selvages I have collected. Several quilting friends have contributed. A little late I realize that I really only want the selvage side that has the printing on it, and the color dots. So I am sorting through for those. So far I have made a few pieces of "fabric" by sewing some together, and today I made a postcard for a friend who just had her gallbladder out.
Got rid of my gallbladder 10 years ago
Milkshake as part of lunch
Invited out for dinner, hoo-ray!