Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doors in the Squares

Today I finished the companion baby quilt to the one in the previous post. This time colored squares and black "doors". What I had available for batting was fluffier/taller than I usually have/use, but there it was and I needed a batting. So this has ended up a little stiff, even after washing. The backing is this fun print that looks rather African.
Because we are going to Florida for the whole month of March, I am going to count this as my "March" UFO completion, in case I don't even take a UFO with me. So May Britt, this is my OPAM finish for March!
And just for fun, here are some wildlife photos.
Deer, right on the driveway, about 50 feet from the house. They don't seem to be interested in using the bench!
And then here is the view I got coming out of the den, walking toward the kitchen.
Nutsy, Zeke's stuffed squirrel, which has the same coloration as said dog. How he ended upright I don't know. Right in the area where Zeke is usually lying so that we can't move anywhere without his knowledge. Zeke? He was downstairs with Charlie getting ready for Obama's speech to Congress.
Lunch with Bob Miller in Holland, MI
Dutch butter crisp pastries
Doctor now approves of my blood pressure

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