Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Selvage Potholders

I took the "fabric" that I had made from selvages, and made five 6" potholders. I'm going to give four of these to the gals who dropped their selvages into my bag at SpoolSpinners Bee, if they can recognize any of the selvages!

And here are the backs of those potholders.
Next time, I am going to use only, or mostly, the selvage that has the printing on it, and dispose of the side that has no writing.

Now Charlie and I are going out to Leo's restaurant to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary. How CAN we have been married for that long?



Still married after all these years

Still laugh together daily

But still both drop things in piles, rather than file


Sharon said...

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary!! That is quite an achievement nowadays, isn't it? Hope you had a lovely evening.

Your selvedge potholders are very cute! I think that's a great use for them. As far as the selvedges w/o the printing & dots, if you grow tomatoes, they're great for tying up your vines, or some other garden use like that. Quite strong and colorful and fun to see in the garden. Just an idea. . .

True Blue Nana said...

What a great way to use selvages. Now I wish I had kept all those I threw away.

Penny said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Sara!

Did you see one of your stars was featured on the Tia's blog post about the Bushfire Quilt Project - here

Anonymous said...