Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More organized?

The good news is this:

The labelled bins are reachable, and filling up. And that upper right corner of the bookcase looks like it is EMPTY! Not for long I fear.

The bad news is this:
A large pile of scraps that have been ironed, but still need to be cut up into useable sizes.

The really bad news:

This bin AND the one under it are full of other scraps!

Meanwhile at least I have unblocked my access to my clothes closet, and a few boxes and piles have been combined. I have pitched out to the library several piles of excapist novels that I have no need to read again. I have kept the bed clear of piles, at least at bedtime each night.

I feel that some progress has been made. Now to become a HABITUAL scrap cutter, not a scrap piler.



60 degree weather melting the snow like gangbusters

Mailed away two boxes, one of fabric

Finished my Secret Sister bag of goddies for this month


Jeanne said...

You're making good progress. Just keep at it, a little bit at a time. I've been cutting my scraps into strips and squares, too, but they don't look at neat and labeled as yours.

Brenda said...

looks great so far. I've found it becomes addictive and compulsive to cut my scraps into usable sizes. it's lots of work at the beginning, but once you've got a system, you'll keep at it, and its worth it when you can just sit and sew without sorting through scraps.

Mary said...

I know a lot of people like this type system but it's not how I work. All my leftover strips and strings go in to my string bins and the rest of the odd shaped leftovers stay in bins that fit in my fabric shelves until I need them for a project. I'm looking forward to cutting into more of then as I use my new die cutter.