Friday, February 27, 2009

Quilt backs

NOT my favorite part of the process, quilt backs, that is. But when I have the top finished, and I want to get the whole thing to the LA quiilter, a back is needed.

Since I am going away for a month, I want to get a couple of quilts into my LA quilter's hands, so that maybe one or two will be ready for binding when I get back. Therefore BACKs are necessary.

First yesterday I got the remnants of the front and a few other fabrics together for the back of a New Year's internet mystery I made from stash. I'm not super-delighted with the top, which happens with mysteries sometimes, but it did use up a great autumn leaves fabric I was hoarding. When I'm not thrilled, I dump a top in a pile somewhere, but this one was really finished, so "Get it out of here!" Got that back ready to be delivered.

Next Bonnie Hunter's mystery "Orange Crush" took a long time to find the right borders, again from the stash. Ended up with narrow borders from the fabrics used in the quilt, just barely enough, and then a wider plain black Kona. The backing fabric is a large paisley, and I'm considering asking the LA quilter to quilt this upside down, in order to follow the paisley pattern. BIG problem: the back needs to be pieced, and if the pattern is going to be followed, it really needs careful matching on the seams. I an do this, I can do this, I can do this? Hmm, that's my project for this afternoon. Can't say I remember any experience with this task, so it will be harried. 1) draw a line on the wrong side of the fabric through the same spot in the design. 2) draw a line on the OTHER piece of fabric through the same spots. 3) Cut 1/4 inch away in OPPOSITE directions. 4) Match up and sew. That's my plan.
Vertical seam down the middle, and one from the middle to the left. Not VERY visible, right?
Then I made an error of Inattention and cut in the wrwong place. Wrecked my whole plan because then I didn't have enough fabric for the whole back. Now there is a black strip 12" wide filing the gap. Darn!



Toast from fresh bread for breakfast
Clean house and clean sheets before our trip
Charlie now cooks three nights a week


Andee said...

Your OC looks great! Nice colors, like the backing and think your quilting plan for it is good. I can't wait to see the pic of it when it is done!

Martha said...

This is one of the prettiest OC's I've seen. If you've not sent Bonnie a picture, please do. And, the paisley is perfect!

Anonymous said...