Friday, February 13, 2009

Wonky stars for Australia

Today I made these two wonky or liberated stars. Tia Curtis is making a collection for those who have lost everything in the terrible fires in Australia. They are to be 12.5" unfinished, so I looked in the box of 4.5" squares to get the right sized pieces. There were the light blue triangles already cut! [I'm impressed that my re-organizing (which isn't finished) has such an immediate payoff.] However the first block, white with blue star, came out 1/8th inch too small. Probably because I thought I could do it OK with the wrong foot on the machine. Had to be enlarged with additional strips on two sides. So the second one I changed the foot back to the regular one, and made the pieces over-large and then cut the block down. And I then hada enough room to NOT match the corners where the star arms meet/don't meet. A little more wonky.

Here's the way the reorganization improvement was looking a day ago. No don't tell me there is work still to be done. . . I HAVE cut up that pile of scraps near the iron, and I have even "filed" a few more odd pieces that can be used in making backings. I, if only I, can tell that things have improved. And so far I'm doing 30 minutes of cutting scraps everyday. Two days. Hmmm, 21 days to make a new habit?

Now to go find an envelope for mailing these two stars to Tia, who luckily has a n FBO address in the US as well as one in Australia.



Charlie took the dog away while the cleaning woman was here (else Zeke barks the whole time)
Found those triangles!
Ate lunch on time

Oh, wow! I just went back and added the link to Tia's blog. I have never done that before. And it's easy. Sort of. So now you can click on her name and get the whole story at her blog.

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