Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last cookies

Grands are arriving a day later than originally expected.  So Grandma and Grandpa have to finish up baking the cut-out cookies.  Tomorrow there will be many helping hands to put on the icing and colored sugars.

That old biscuit cutter on the counter is always used to make the wreaths.  The cutter came from my German grandmother's household, and maybe from her mother before that.  Maybe I shouldn't put it away with the cookie cutters, but keep it out for making biscuits!

I have a cookie cutter goose and a large Father Christmas as well that have flat tin on the top side.  I have fond memories of making these same shapes with Granny before Christmas with my cousins when I was in elementary school.  The old cookie cutters that are only used once a year remind me that I made a conscious decision to use the inherited "good" china every Sunday for breakfast.  That's so that I will actually enjoy it once a week, rather than leaving it always in the china cabinet.  Perhaps there are other "treasures" that I could be using with more regularity.

Tomorrow I will pick up the prime rib roast for Christmas Day, we will decorate the cookies, eat clam chowder for supper, and for something new, have "church" at home with our three families and three generations.

A Blessed time for you all!



Travelers arrived safely
Kitchen full of food
Christmas comes whether we are ready or not

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cityquilter said...

and a most wonderful christmas to you and your family sara; god's blessings for the new year and always...and a quilty new year for us all!