Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ready for Step 3

What you see are the 72 string blocks required by Step 2 of Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay mystery.  They are jammed into the same basket that is holding the 224 [+6] hourglass blocks required by Step 1.

Wow!  After being gone for five days over Thanksgiving, I thought I would be behind for another week.  But, "gotter done".



Survived exercise class, tho' my back has been sore since Monday
Survived quarterly meeting with financial advisors
Getting better at the Hebrew song for Saturday concert


Julie Fukuda said...

Well, I do flower arranging but you have one that won't wilt. Good going. Good luck with the concert. (wish I could be a mouse in thhe corner)

cityquilter said...

did she say 350 HSTs? zowie!