Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stars and Year's Review

Just at the end of the month I finished these two stars for a group exchange on the internet.  The December Requestor provided a pattern and wanted the blocks to finish at 12.5",  And then she said we could make them as wonky and strange as we liked.  Well, I sent for wonky, but they came out less wonky than I intended.  Maybe I should have "wonked" the center square of "made" fabric.

Now the Year in Review for finishes:

There were twelve months of the group block exchange mentioned above, but those weren't quilted.

#1 - "Extra Extra Fancy", queen sized, made from my orphan blocks and strips. Kept.

#2 - Disappearing Nine Patch, toddler sized, made from St. Patrick's fabrics, sent to Neonatal Unit.

#3 - Disappearing FOUR Patch, crib sized, green fabrics, sent to Neonatal Unit.

#4 - Checkerboard, crib sized, sent to Neonatal Unit.

#5 - Football quilt, twin bed sized, red and gray flannel, sent to Devon through Margaret's Hope Chest.

#6 -  Strip Quilt, twin sized, mostly green fabrics, sent to Margaret's Hope Chest.

#7 - Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll, a Bonnie Hunter mystery, queen sized, given to DIL.

#8 Back map and front squares of crib quilt, sent to Neonatal Unit.

#9 Beep-Beep strip quilt, crib sized, sent to Samuel Potts.

#10 Sixteen Patch toddler quilt, sent to Margaret's Hope Chest.

#11 Strip Quilt, toddler sized, baseball fabrics, sent to Neonatal Unit.

#12 - King of the Ranch, toddler sized, sent to Margaret's Hope Chest.

#13 - Strip Quilt, toddler sized, soccer fabrics, sent to Neonatal Unit.

#14 - Susan's Magical Forest, wall sized, blocks from internet Block Lotto, given to Secret Sister.

#15 - "Lego" quilt, made from 1.5" squares and strips, double bed sized, fleece backing. kept here.

#16 -  Six doll quilts, of which this is one, sent to Guild to accompany Christmas dolls.

A pretty good year for finishes!
However, I have also added a bunch of new UFOs,  eight in fact.  And then my Secret Sister gave me one, too.

That means my total of UFOs is 23.  Judy Liquidara is challenging us all to finish one UFO a month in 2012.  Looks like I need to finish TWO each month.  Can I do that?

I think I had better just plan on 16 like I did this year.  That will mean making some of the Neonatal quilts from my UFOs.

Best wishes for the New Year for all of you out there in cyberland.



A quiet New Year's Eve at home after a movie with my sweetie
Relative good health for my family
Plenty of food and warmth in the winter.


Julie Fukuda said...

Impressive lot of finishes! (And it looks like you are off to a good start this year.

Pokey said...

You have some beauties in your list. I appreciate your color choices in the RRCB. What a giver you are! Hope you have a great New Year!

Sandra said...

I so admire your productivity, but I especially admire your generosity. You have invested a tremendous amount of time and money in quilts given away to those you will never meet.

Andee said...

The football quilt is cool..but the RRCB takes my breath away, I love your color choices. What a lucky DIL you have!