Saturday, December 3, 2011

Magical Forest coming together

Couldn't face the idea of 350 HSTs, so I am putting together the blocks I received from Block Lotto earlier this year.  This will be a gift to my Secret Sister at our December Bee meeting.

I have about 34 blocks with the black as background.  And same reversed.  I have the black ones put together for a center, and now I need to decide whether there will be the opposite coloration on the outside, or simply end it somehow.  It's the "somehow" that takes a lot of time.

Concert tonight, need to take:
vestlike robe
cookies [chocolate covered pretzels]
cough drops
water bottle
stool [to stop my arthritic knees/back giving out]
cheat sheets, to study right up to curtain time

Wish me luck!  But actually we're pretty awesome.



Drugs for pain and congestion
Enthusiastic and talented singers
Confidence because my section leader is standing right behind me!

1 comment:

Julie Fukuda said...

What? Procrastinating on only 350 HSTs? Hope the concert was a smashing success.