Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Magical Forest pinned

I finally decided that what the forest needed was some stars in the night sky.  As I worked away, it began to seem that five was the right number, less than the columns of trees.

I began looking for the backing fabric.  I was lucky I didn't find it right away, because I found this one instead!  I had sent a snippet to BumbleBeans, and had quite a chunk left.  Perfect!  My Secret Sister can use the backside for the Christmas season and then turn it over to the front for the rest of the year.

Then into the kitchen to clean off the peninsula counter for layout and pinning.  It didn't really take very long, but now my back is aching.

I'll have a "sit down" until dinnertime and let my unconscious work out the quilting design for this middle.

[After that's done, I'll add the star border and maybe a bottom border and quilt them separately at that point.]



A retired husband who does some Christmas shopping
Watching the birds at the feeders
A comfortable recliner

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Julie Fukuda said...

Really, really great! That secret sister is one lucky gal!