Thursday, December 15, 2011

Magical Forest DONE

At 45" x 53"  it was finished at 3:45 pm, and I need to leave for the Bee holiday party at about 5.  So a whole hour to get everything wrapped and food packed and camera in hand.

The back has nativity pictures surrounded by a different evergreen forest.

Hope my Secret Sister has a place to enjoy this.


Now to answer Julie's question about the Advent wreath quilt.... How do you add more flames as the weeks progress?

The flame and the aura are fused together and left detached from the quilt.   I simply keep four of these in an envelope, and then PIN one more each Sunday above a candle. The aura has sparkles in it, so the pin heads mostly look like just another dot of white from any distance.  At the end of the season the quilt is retired with just the candles on it, and the flames are returned to the envelope.

This quilt hangs on the kitchen wall opposite the big window to the driveway.  I can see it reflected in the window while I'm at the sink, and also when I drive up to the house.

We also have a "real" Advent wreath on the dining room table.  We use only that candle light for dinner each night.  Getting a good deal brighter now that we have three candles lit!



Rain, not snow today
Spoolspinners party tonight
First experience with cortisone shots to the knees went well


Julie Fukuda said...

Your little quilt turned out great. Your secret sister better love it or I'll beat her up! (just kidding. What's NOT to love)?I love the idea of that advent hanging. Thanks for the close-up. I am beginning to think of how I might make a narrow one to fit a tiny bit of wall space I can liberate for the season next year.

Mary said...

I love this! I've been watching as you made the "parts" of this one and it came together great..